DE STANDAARD – Sexual intimidation at work

Cover-and inside illustrations for Belgian newspaper ‘De Standaard’ about sexual harassment at work and the often long and difficult process of reporting the harasser. (De Standaard, 6 may 2023)

DE VOLKSKRANT – Violence is always nearby

Illustration for ‘De Volkskrant’
for Arnon Grunberg’s essay about how wars have shaped our culture, institutions and thinking, and how war is always close. (de Volkskrant, 2 maart 2021)

VPRO GIDS – Bedtime Story

Cover for the VPRO guide ‘Story before bedtime’. Listening to podcasts with stories written to fall asleep to. (VPRO guide, 12 January 2021)

HET PAROOL – Light Therapy against depression

For an article about light therapy. Lots of people suffer from winter depressions due to lack of sunlight. Light therapy (in the form of glasses) might offer a solution. (Het Parool, 15 january 2024).

VRIJ NEDERLAND – Freedom is a burden

Illustrations for an article that compares Herbert Marcuses’ ‘One-dimentional Man’ (1964) with the one-dimensional man of today, and how citizens have turned into consumers. (Vrij Nederland, may 2023)

HET NRC – Lasertherapy for longcovid patients

Illustration for Dutch Newspaper ‘Het NRC’, about lasertherapy offered as a solution to cure postcovid patients. The method is not scientifically proven, patients often experience a placebo effect. (Het NRC, 17 january 2023.)

DE STANDAARD – Christmas essays

Illustrations for a series of 5 christmas essays in Belgian newspaper ‘De Standaard’, talking about mental health, autonomy, technology, prosperity, and the connection of it all. (De Standaard, 25 t/m 29 december 2022)